Planning Commission

The Planning Commission of the City of Weatherby Lake shall consist of not more that fifteen (15) nor less that seven (7) members, including the Mayor, if the Mayor chooses to be a member; a member of the Board of Alderpersons selected by the Board, if the Board chooses to have a member serve on the Commission; and not more that fifteen (15) nor less that five (5) citizens appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board.  All citizen members of the Commission shall serve without compensation.  The term of each of the citizen members shall be for four (4) years, except that the terms of the citizen members first (1st) appointed may be for varying periods so that succeeding terms will be staggered.  Any vacancy in membership shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment by the Mayor and approval by the Board of Alderpersons.  The Board may remove any citizen member for cause stated in writing and after public hearing.


The Planning Commission shall recommend the boundaries of the zoning districts and appropriate regulations to be enforce therein.  The Commission shall make a preliminary report and hold public hearing thereon before submitting its final report and the Board of Alderpersons shall not hold its public hearings or take action until it received the final report of the Planning Commission. 


Planning Commission Members:
    Term Ends
 Scott Slaggie  2023
 Doug Richmond  2023
 Tom Henke-Chairperson  2023

  Ron Surma

  Emily Hanson Bowers 


 Joe Ennett  2024
  Amy Scarpitta

 Jerry Hannah

 Armand Matthews

 Scott Lehr




 Jeff Goodwin  2026
 Jaci Foxworthy  2026


Steve Clark-Mayor
George Lowman-Ex-Officio (non-voting)
Audrey Casas-Secretary


Plans Review Committee Members: 3 years
 George Lowman  
 Jeff Goodwin                                                                                                                        2024       

Enforcement Officers: 3 years
 George Lowman  



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